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Buy Solo Ads – From Reputable Sources

Choosing when and where to buy solo ads is the very important decision you can make. The reason why this decision is so critical, is because the traffic you invest in can either cost your business or help it produce more profits.

It is best to purchase solo ads from a business that has established an excellent reputation in the field. This ensures that you are not buying empty clicks and won’t finance shady websites that perform fraudulent clicks using bots.

Fortunately, there are several really great platforms to buy solo ads from. These Solo ad platforms we will share with you below have been in business for years and have served thousands of entrepreneurs and online marketers just like you.

Best Places to Buy Solo Ads

Best place to buy solo ads from

There are various established excellent solo ad providers that we purchase solo ads from on a regular consistent basis. In fact we buy solo ads from these resources every single month, and have for years.

The reason we keep buying from them, as they keep producing the best leads and sales for our offers. These are our top recommendations.


1.Traffic Authority

Traffic Authority: Is the best of the best, and the highest performing solo ads we have ever bought. They provide many traffic services on top of their solo ads, including tracking links, link rotators and a traffic academy where one can learn other traffic generating methods and strategies.

They have some of the best order controls in the business, where one can change a link out in an instant or pause a campaign immediately, without having to send a ticket into support.

They have delivered over 5 million clicks to customers websites in a single month. They basically have an unlimited supply of traffic. The owner of Traffic Authority has been in the wholesale website traffic business for over 20 years.

We have used Traffic Authority solo ad services now for the past 3 years, and consider them one of the best there is.

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2. Udimi

Udimi: This solo ads platform serves as a middle man connecting sellers and customers in one place. The strength lies in the diversity of sellers present within their community.

It’s a one-stop-shop for online marketers and affiliates. On Udimi, there are thousands of solo ad vendors. You can compare all of the vendors and choose the one that best meets your needs.

The sellers of solo advertising can be filtered by price, rating, and conversion rate, among other factors. Aside from that, you may look up information about the seller, such as how many stars each has received and positive or negative customer reviews.

You can monitor the performance of your advertisements during and after delivery. On your dashboard, you can see all of the metrics, such as the country the clicks are coming from, IP addresses, clicks delivered, clicks blocked and more..

The plethora of sellers present in their platform insures the ability to find and buy solo ads from the top sellers, as the ratings and client reviews are visible to every user.


We have used Udimi solo ad services for over 6 years.

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3. MLM Leads

MLMLeads: Is also a powerhouse traffic provider, they have been in the business of providing online solo ads for many years.

The owner is very dedicated to providing high class service and the utmost quality solo ads. They have many testimonials provided by other professional marketers who use their service on a regular basis as we do.

MLM Leads can get the job done for almost any niche, and specializes as well in the lead delivery business, meaning you can buy outright leads for the niche you are in as well, besides them offering traditional solo ads.

MLM Leads has never disappointed us. We have been buying solo ads from them for 4 years now.


4. TrafficForMe

TrafficForMe: is another option that we regularly go to for traffic and leads. It’s a solid solo ads source of traffic in the affiliate marketing industry that has good quality clicks.

While we’ve spent less and have seen less customers from TFM .vs. other solo ad sources like TA , MLM leads and Udimi – TFM gets a reliable enough ROI and profit from traffic for us to be a good option still.

One of the very positives of this solo ad traffic source, is that they offer more niche categories than some of the other solo ad providers or networks.

Niches available: Health, survival, financial, personal development, crypto and business opportunity niches. All of their traffic packages deliver from 100% English speaking countries.

They can deliver over 1.4 million unique clicks monthly.

TrafficForMe has been in the industry for years, and is an ethical standing good company.

We have bought solo ads from them now for 5 years.

These 4 platforms we have listed above to buy solo ads from, all have excellent customer support and are the best in the industry. We rarely buy from any others, they just can not compete.


Additional Options For Buying Solo Ads

* Solo Ad Groups on Facebook – Facebook has a growing database of over three million, and various groups focused on email advertisement can be found quite easily.

Although there are dangers of purchasing on Facebook, keen observation, and thorough investigation before purchasing can limit the risks of being scammed in these dealings. As the biggest social media platform, it has even involved itself in networking and providing services for various businesses.

* Individual Solo Ad Sellers/Websites – Email advertisement is a business, and there are numerous individual sellers websites you can find online, simply by searching Google.

These individual sellers work without any middle man or platform and negotiate directly with the clients. However, it does not mean their prices are any lower or their traffic is any good. They do not also have the quality controls in place like major solo ad platforms – so buyer beware!

Just make sure if you go this route searching for an individual seller, investigate the sellers claims and customer reviews before purchasing their services to avoid losing money and getting low-quality traffic.

Seventeen thousand solo ad websites can be filtered on Google alone. We only buy from trusted and reliable sources, like the ones we outlined in the beginning of this article.

* Warriorforum – Considered as one of the greatest marketing forums in the present times, this forum has a marketing ad section where transactions can take place. Solo ad sellers also use their platform when establishing their brand, and you can find solo ad sellers there as well.


Things To Consider When Buying Solo Ads

Use Proven Solo Ad Companies

Ethical standing and longevity in the solo ad industry. You should only buy traffic from the solo ad providers that are longstanding ethical companies. The solo ad /traffic companies you look to buy from should have a long list of reviews.

Along with reviews, the solo ad company of your choosing should have been in the industry for several years, do not go out on a limb. The long standing companies have figured out how to get affordable amounts of quality traffic over years.

This showcases their ability to deliver for clients, and it showcases their ability to deliver for themselves.

You want solo ads that convert into sales.

Repurchase Solo Ads That Convert

Number of leads and buyers produced from clicks. This metric or conversion rate is what truly matters in every industry and niche that invests in traffic of any kind. You need to get at least a 20% or higher click to lead conversion rate from any traffic source.

You should also be getting an approximate 1-3% click to purchase conversion rate as well from your follow up emails. Make sure the solo ad provider you’re buying from has similar metrics after you’ve tested at least 500 – 1000 clicks through them.

Testing should always be done with a bare minimum of 500 clicks to be able to determine proper metrics on your solo ad purchases. When you find a winner repurchase and scale your results.

Always Use Tracking

You should always use a tracking link when buying and running solo ads. You want to know beyond the sellers or platforms tracking they provide you with, that you are buying clean quality traffic, and has no bots.

So using tracking software through a company like ClickMeter.

Where To Buy Solo Ads – Now you know!

We are happy to provide you with the best place to buy solo ads, as many years ago, we had no guidance in knowing where to buy solo ads. We were shooting arrows in the dark, and many times bought fake traffic as a result.

So, it does make us very happy to be able to share with you, and save you trial and error.

Let our many years experience of buying solo ads, serve you well through our recommendations throughout this article.

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