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What is the Best Testimonial Software for 2022?

Testimonial software is an essential tool for small business owners looking to take their company to the next level.

With the right software, it is possible for small businesses to integrate testimonials into their marketing campaign with ease.

Using testimonial software, small business owners are not only able to collect reviews from satisfied customers, but also have a way of soliciting feedback from prospects.

Using testimonial software is a automated method of increasing customer engagement to provide feedback and real testimonials.

One survey revealed that over 75% of the people polled believed that video testimonials had the highest impact on their purchasing decisions.

It is becoming extremely clear especially with millennials that customer reviews and testimonials are truly influencing their buying habits.

Millennials are immersed in tech, and use all of the apps on their phones and can search out businesses testimonials and reviews on the fly, wherever they are.

With so many task at hand for businesses to do each day in order to be profitable, it is making more and more sense to find more automation to help limitless resources to procuring customer reviews, and that is where testimonial software can help.


There are many benefits that come with using testimonial software.

  • Encourages customers to leave reviews and testimonials without asking for them
  • Testimonial software can automate the process
  • Save your business time and money in the collection of testimonials


What can testimonials do for your business

Research shows that 88% of consumers trust Testimonials and reviews that they find online just as much as personal recommendations.

Most consumers do factor customer reviews into their buying decisions.

Look at this image from a study, provided by
customer testimonials and review stats

3% of people don’t care. Obviously the other 97% do care.


Video Testimonials are becoming the most influential.

With over 2 billion hours of video watched everyday online, many companies are choosing to use video testimonials instead of traditional written ones because they want to engage their audience more and get them excited about their products and services.

As a result, there have been some new developments in the field of video testimonials.

There is a new, innovative type of testimonial software on the market for those looking to automate the production of testimonials and reviews for their business.

Through using this new testimonial generator software your customers can create video testimonials automatically for your company that will promote your business and engage with prospective customers more than ever before.

This video testimonial generator software is a prolific marketer’s tool which takes the hassle out of surveying customers by giving them a chance to speak from their own experiences.

No longer will you have to spend hours, weeks, or even months surveying clients about their opinions on your product.

The video testimonial generator software features a super user-friendly interface and can be implemented in a matter of minutes directly by the customer.

Click here to learn more now. >>> Video Testimonial Generator


We hoped this article on Testimonial Software gave you more insight into the impact testimonials and reviews can have on your business, and how using software like this can save your business time and money and increase your bottom line.

If you ever have any questions, don’t hesitate to post them in the comments section below or just say hello 🙂

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