What Is Sales Consulting & Which Consultant Should You Hire?

sales consulting

One of the fastest ways for a business to increase their profits, is for them to consider hiring a sales consulting. This is because sales consulting coaches and consultants are great at identifying what’s keeping a business from operating their business more profitably.

Additionally, the sales consulting industry is in dire need of quality consultants who want to be paid handsomely for helping companies increase their sales. This article will highlight and walk you through everything involving sales consulting & the benefits of this unique service..

Whether you’re a company looking to hire a sales consultant, or you’re looking for a sales consulting job, keep reading on!


What Is Sales Consulting?

Sales consulting is the practice of helping a business identify how to increase their sales, while also showing them how to eliminate sales roadblocks. Businesses across of every industry are always searching for ways to increase sales & conversions – this is why sales consultants are in such high demand.

Sales consulting is effective at helping businesses see the following results…

  1. Increasing sales conversions
  2. Increasing closing rates
  3. Increasing upsells sales
  4. Increasing downsells sales
  5. Increasing customer retention & LTV made from multiple customer sales
  6. Increasing profits with more sales
  7. Decreasing sales objections
  8. Decreasing sales roadblocks

What Is Sales Consulting

Sales consulting is a one of a kind service, where you only want to work with the best of the best.

This consulting can also include sales training, sales guidance, sales strategy, and much more.


How Does Sales Consulting Work?

Sales consulting works in a variety of important ways for improving and optimizing your business for success. But, how does sales consulting specifically work for helping your business see more sales? Here’s the exact process a sales consultant goes through to work with a client…

  1. The sales consultant learns about your businesses sales problems and needs.
  2. The sales consultant identifies through what they learn, what the root cause is for either your sales failures, or sales success.
  3. The sales consultant prescribes actions for yourself or your employees to take in order for you to optimize your business to produce more sales.

How Does Sales Consulting Work

That’s the simple process for how consulting works. It’s a short process of identifying and solves evident problems in any businesses sales process.


Does Sales Consulting Work For High Ticket Sales?

High ticket sales has became a growing industry and interest in the digital marketing world. This is why many businesses and entrepreneurs are involving more high ticket items and services into their business.

Sales consulting will help you improve your high ticket sales and also your mid or low ticket sales. This kind of consulting is great for helping many different areas of your business become more profitable.


How Does Consulting Improve Sales?

Sales training & consulting will improve your sales by helping you optimize your business. The sales consultancy process will…

  • Identify the key problems keeping your business from generates the sales it should be
  • Identify the solutions to those problems that will skyrocket your sales & profit

A consultant will walk you through whether you’re going to need one of the services sales consulting provides…

With consulting you’ll notice that nearly every aspect of your business will improve.


What Does A Sales Consultant Do?

A sales consultant has a variety of important responsibilities to manage. Each of these responsibilities is critical both for managing their own business – and also for performing consulting services for clients.

Here’s the full list of what a sales consultant does both for their own business and for clients…

  • Lead generation
  • Lead management
  • Sales
  • Support
  • Customer Services
  • Optimization of sales process
  • Optimization of follow up in order to increase sales
  • Optimization of ads in order to increase sales
  • Customer Management
  • Emailing
  • Calls – Both inbound and outbound sales

What Does A Sales Consultant Do

A sales consultant will advise, perform, or take these actions for their own business or for a clients business. Sales consultants are almost always busy creating strategy for a client, or working directly with a client.

Even a home sales consultant will be busy training, selling, and working with clients.

Customer Management

Management of customers is a critical part of consulting in sales. A management or sales consultant must both be able to perform consulting services while managing their own business.

A consultant must become or be a master of sales for their own business, and other businesses. This applies to business selling both products and services.


Consulting Services In Sales

There are a select few important services that a sales consultant will provide. Each sales service is different, so read carefully you understand how each sales consulting service works and will affect your business.

Here’s the list of sales consulting services…

Sales Training

Want to train your sales team? Want higher closing rates? Then you should consider getting sales training from a professional sales consultant. This consulting & training can help teach your sales team how to handle objections better, increase closing rates, raise prices, and much more.

A sales consultant may also be selling sales training. But, most often, they have training on sales available.

Sales Consulting

Want to understand what sales tactics you should be putting in place? Get expert advice and sales consulting to be identify how to clearly improve your sales, sales retention, sales prices, and much more.

Consulting sales is another service a consultant may provide to help you start selling more in your business.

Sales Education

Want to learn about sales? Want to have your sales team go through a course? Invest in sales education that a sales consultant may provide for you and the team. Sales education can include courses, walkthroughs, guides, and much more.

Strategic Account Management

Every sales consultants work will consist of managing customers & clients. Using strategic account management, a consultant will partake in…

  1. Sales through management virtual selling
  2. Management of the sales process
  3. Management of clients

Management of every client is crucial for business success in sales, and in any aspect of business.


How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Sales Consultant?

It varies, the cost to hire a sales consultant changes depending on the industry you are in, and the consultant you’ll be working with. The average sales consultant can cost anywhere from $100 – $900 per hour. 

This means that if you need 10 hours of work, it will cost between $1000 – $9,000. If you are going to work with the consultant for an extended period of time, then it will cost well beyond $10,000.

You should only hire a sales consultant if you have the budget, or are in serious need to increase your sales and conversions. The great part of hiring a sales consultant, is that you should almost immediately begin seeing an increase in your sales and profit after you hire one.


Who Are The Best Business Sales Consultants?

While there are a variety of high performing quality sales consultants you should consider hiring – there are a select few sales consultants that stand out. Let’s go through the #1 sales consultant, and the runner up 4 next sales consultants.

  1. Jon Weberg – Jon is a globally recognized high level sales & growth consultant. While helping clients in dozens of industries, his consulting & teachings help businesses hyper optimize for massive increases in conversions and profit.
  2. Frank Kern – Frank is one of the founders of digital marketing who started making innovations that defined the industry as a whole.
  3. Grant Cardone – One of the most well known marketers in the world, you’ll find Grant Cardone to also be an excellent sales consultant.
  4. Matt Diggity – While Matt specializes in SEO, he is also a great sales consultant and can help any business scale more profitably.
  5. Tony Robbins – Tony is one of the most well known public business figures in the world. Running multiple companies, he’s also a motivational speaker. He is also considered a business and sales consultant.

Who Is The Best Sales Consultant

What Defines Good Sales Consultants?

A good sales consultant is defined by their ability to get better sales results for their clients through proper sales management. Consultants that consult at a high level, are often masters of communication. These kinds of consultants are genuine, honest, and always willing to go the “extra mile” for their clients.

A good consultant will also successful at generating sales & engagement for their own business as well.


Is A Sales Consultant The Same Thing As A Salesman?

It depends on the situation. Some companies have “sales consultants” that are actually salesman with the “sales consultant” title. However, there are people who are just sales consultants, and NOT a salesman.

Is A Sales Consultant The Same Thing As A Salesman

How can you tell the difference between the two?

A consultant will ask more clarifying and non “salesy” questions. While most salesman are constantly pressuring & trying to get you to make choices, and buy.


How Do Consultants Make Sales?

Consultants make sales either through running their own consulting business, or through having a firm or agency refer them sales.

They generate leads just like any other business does, and then they can close those leads on their consulting services sales skills.

You may find that some consultants are home sales consultants that run their business from the comfort of their house. Others may do account management sales at an office for an agency.


Is Doing Consulting As A Home Sales Consultant A Good Idea?

Yes, if you want to start a profitable business doing consulting, then you should consider starting your business from home. Most businesses across the world desperately need a good sales expert to guide the growth of selling their products & services.


Sales Consulting Firm

There are a select number of quality sales consulting firms in the United States that are among the best places to find sales consulting talent. Here are the 2 best sales consulting firms you should consider working with. (Working with an individual sales consultant like Jon Weberg is often more efficient and easy)

  1. SFE Partners – SFE is a consulting firm that has a good standing in the industry.
  2. Sapper Consulting – Sapper Consulting specializes in sales consulting & also helping train sales teams.

Each of the sales consulting firms is a great choice to work with if you want your business to produce more sales, improve your close rates, and much more. However, hiring the services of a firm is often more expensive.


Is Sales The Most Important Part Of A Business?

Yes, without sales being generated, you can’t operate a business. Every business in the world needs leads & customers in order to be profitable & run efficiently.

Management of your sales process, follow up, profit through sales, customer retention, and more – is all key.


Final Thoughts On How Consulting On Sales Can Help Your Business

Every business that wants to scale more profitably can benefit from some form of sales consulting, coaching, training, or guidance.

Sales consultants are great at quickly helping your identify what specifically is going to improve and optimize every aspect of your sales through better engagement. Remember always that without sales being generated on a consistent and reliable basis, scaling a business will be difficult. Consider hiring a master of sales. Digital marketing courses can also help grow your business too.

No matter the services or products your business may sell, sales consulting services may be a viable option. Even training on sales for a sales team could be a great option to start with.


With my kindest regards,

Jon Weberg

Richard Weberg



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