Here’s How You Can Find an Online Marketing Mentor

Here’s How You Can Find an Online Marketing Mentor 1200x628

Unwanted advice and criticism can often complicate your vision, but few things are more valuable than the lived experience of someone who’s already achieved the same goals you are pursuing. The right advice from a great mentor can affirm your confidence on the path to success, or challenge you to improve when you become stagnant. Whether you need direct instructions or general motivation, finding an online marketing mentor will be the life hack you’ve been looking for. If you are ready to elevate your web game with an online marketing mentor, here are 4 easy steps to get started!

How To Secure The Perfect Mentor

  • Pay Attention 

A good mentorship is a lifelong bond that can’t be rushed. Take your time to observe potential mentors and consider all factors that may play into your compatibility. Research their work and personal life to see if they are a realistic fit. Powerful mentors are often drawn to mentees who remind them of themselves.

  • Add Value

Before you attempt to extract wisdom from your prospective mentor, display your own potential value to them. This could be as simple as patronizing their products and services, or offering your own services to show your gratitude for them. Your mentor is likely already successful and short on time. Differentiate yourself from everyone else who is asking them for something by offering something they actually need.

  • Be Direct But Respectful 

Kobe and Alex Rodriquez were not shy about asking sports and business leaders to guide them throughout their athletic careers and post-retirement ventures. Both were known to cold-call or directly approach potential mentors and start detailed conversations about the topic they were hoping to learn more about.

  • Follow Up And Be Friendly 

Create a natural rapport that doesn’t feel forced or transactional. Asking for specific advice or moral support could lead you further than asking a favor. 36% of mentors report professional development as a top benefit of mentorship, but 27% cited the development of new perspectives,” according to Zapier.

The perfect online marketing mentor will be able to give you the basics of e-business marketing while saving you the time and energy you would have spent trying to teach yourself. With so much misinformation and scamming online, it provides great comfort to have a trusted expert to talk you through difficult tasks and decisions.

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We really hope this article has been extremely helpful to you. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to post them in the comments section below or just say hello 🙂

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