5 Best Tips On How To Close The Sale

how to close the sale

Being able to close the sales is the #1 ROI and profit producing activity any business can do. It’s the main activity that actively brings in customers. This is why I’ll be going through this topic very thoroughly. You’ll be able to close 100X more leads & prospects you communicate with after you’ve read through these 5 best tips on how to close the sale. (easily, and with no objections)

As you go through and learn how to close these sales in an ethical and reliable way, you’ll realize what is “most commonly taught” about sales is wrong. You don’t need high pressure sales tactics. You don’t need to talk over the client. You actually, barely need to say anything at all. This will all make more sense as you have an AH HA moment as we go through the hard truths of sales.

It’s important to realize as well that this advice, tips, and strategy – is coming from a forefront sales master with 10 years experience getting an 8.4X ROI from all qualified leads and higher. I’ve worked with Frank Kern, Joel Therien, and many of the other worlds top sales and marketing experts.

I’ve taken all of this experience into account and am delivering to you the most valuable information I’ve gathered through closing clients by phone, email, skype and in person.

We’ll be going through 5 different tips on sales. Each of these tips or strategies should be in place for you to maximize your sales conversions. Let’s begin.

how to close the sale strategy


How To Close The Sale Strategy Overview

Sales is the process of identifying and solving a prospects problems. That’s not the definition of sales you were looking for, was it? This is because almost everything taught about sales is wrong. You aren’t supposed to “sell” or “hard sell” a prospect or lead. Your job is to simply help the prospect bridge the gap between where they are now to where they want to be, and what I’m going to walk you through, is a way to do this while receiving virtually zero objections.

In fact, the way I teach you to sell will literally have your leads and prospects begging you for your products and services. Because, it’s better then selling.

It’s important to know a few other facts about sales as well, before you actively start selling and closing deals.

  1. The product or service you’re offering is not important. Why not? Your audience doesn’t care about the product or service. In sales, your prospect only cares about how the product or services will get them the results they want. As well, your prospect only cares about how your product or service will eliminate their problems. Almost always, the majority of the “benefits” and “advantages” of your product fall away as the prospect truly only cares about what results they can achieve.
  2. Closing a customer or prospect comes down to 1 main factor. What is the prospects perception of certainty they’ll get the results they want? Read that again. The “prospects perception” is key here. Your prospect MUST have the perception of certainty – otherwise they won’t buy. You can offer deals, discounts, and anything else under the sun. It doesn’t matter. They must believe within their own mind, that they are going to truly get results. If you understand how to put that perception in your prospect or leads mind they will buy every single time.
  3. Your job is not to explain. Your job is to ask questions. By asking clarifying questions, you’ll be able to lead your prospect to lead themselves into buying your product. This new tip or strategy is why we’re here together in the first place. So without wasting any more time…


How To Start A Sales Call & Build Rapport

People are often afraid or anxious about how to start a sales call. When in reality this should be the most natural and relaxed part of the call. The reason for why it should be so easy, is because you should start a sales call how you start any other conversation. “Hey, how’s it going?” Is a true and tested formula to a good start of any conversation.

Seriously! Most “sales gurus” proclaim you have to have some sort of “special introduction” and that’s a load of bull. You see, if you truly want to resonate with people and build rapport – you have to sound natural and sincere.

I’ve been teaching people how to close sales online for well over a decade in this fashion, and it has literally worked every single time. If you have a good quality lead, and follow the rest of this sales strategy guide, you can sell anything to anyone.

how to start a sales call


If you want to learn how to close more deals even faster, or you want to start a sales call without anxiety, be more natural! The more you are yourself, the more people will trust you. Because here’s another sales secret… People sense bullshit. People can sense when you’re being fake in sales.

People know when you’re not being yourself. Especially after you’ve been in business for so long, I can tell if I’m being sold within 10 seconds of talking with someone. Other people can too. This is why you’ll want to be yourself and just act and talk as you normally do. This is the true and tested fastest way to building REAL rapport.


How To Setup A Close In Sales With Clarifying Questions

This is the first and most important sales strategy you’ll ever use in your life. After learning how to use clarifying questions in sales, I literally saw 100X more profits almost instantly. You’ll find that if you truly want to close deals, these clarifying questions are the easiest way to get there.

So let’s first answer the question, what are clarifying questions and why do they matter? Clarifying questions, are specific questions that are asked in a way to get specific responses back. In other words, you can get your prospect to both identify their own problems, and to identify that you have the solutions to those problems. Here’s how that works…

Let’s imagine I’m talking to an advertising agency on a sales call. Of course I want to build rapport with them and learn more about why they scheduled the call in the first place. As well, it’s important that I ask more specific and clarifying questions as they tell me about themselves. For example, when a prospect tells me about how they have trouble getting qualified leads – I can ask questions to clarify and identify further why they’re having that specific problem. “So tell me, why do you think you guys have been seeing this as an issue?”

how to setup a close in sales


Once you’ve identified the true problem that a prospect is facing, you need to begin asking clarifying questions to help your prospect identify the solutions to those problems. These questions should be asked in a way so that when they’re answered, the answer leads to your product or service. Here’s an example of this…

“So, do you think if you were able to get more qualified leads, your profit would start increasing since you’re getting more leads?”

They of course would answer yes, and then you can ask another clarifying question that leads to your service or product being the answer.

“Do you think if we helped you get those qualified leads, you’d like that?” They answer yes. Do you see what just happened? You didn’t have to tell or sell the prospect anything, and they said yes that they want your help and services.


This is why and how clarifying questions allow you to be able to sell better than any other selling strategy on the planet. By asking clarifying questions, you enable yourself to be able to have your prospects literally sell themselves! They sell themselves LITERALLY. This is how to sell without pressure. This is how to sell without objections. Use it! Now instead of you having to ask yourself, “How can I close more sales?” you can ask, “How can I upsell every closed sale?” (This increases profit even more)


How To Close A Sales Pitch

The closing of a sales pitch is also one of the parts of sales that people fear most. The feared close. People are afraid of rejection and hearing the word no. People are also afraid of not getting the money they need from each sale as well. This is why I’ve perfected the perfect way to help anyone learn how to close a sales pitch easily. Again, this will be a natural transition that feels normal and is very “zero pressure”. This works as well if you’re learning how to close high ticket sales or are learning how to close a high ticket client.

If you want to close a sales pitch with ease, do just this. Ask another clarifying question! Once you’ve gone through and have identified with the prospect….

1. The problems they have.

2. How what you offer is the solution to those problems.

You want to ask, “Do you think that everything we went through makes sense, and sounds good to you?” They say, Yes… You say, “Great, glad to hear we’re definitely on the same page. It seems like we have a plan then, do you want to work with us?” Then they say Yes (or no) and you say, “Great! Let’s get you paid through so we can get you started right away today.” Then you ask for their credit card info, have them signup, etc.

It’s literally that easy to close out a sale. While being the head sales consultant with Frank Kern, this is the exact methodology and speech I used to close over 100 clients at $8,600 a piece. Yes, you read that right.

During this close, you want to be as natural and yourself as possible. The main sales strategy you’re using, is to ask clarifying questions which lead to the conversation moving forward. That’s all you have to do. It’s one of the most natural ways to sell anyone. This sales tip and sales strategy is in fact used by Frank Kern himself. So, do you think it works? 🙂


What To Do After Closing A Sale

You know what’s more important then closing a sale? Keeping a customer satisfied and happy. What happens after a sale is more important for 2 reasons.

1. You keep customers longer and build customer loyalty.

2. You reduce the chance of sales refunds and sales charge-backs.

It’s a well known fact that the cost of acquiring a customer is MULTIPLE times more than the cost to keep a customer. This is why you want to make sure you follow the next few tips on how to keep and retain a sales client after closing them on a call.

Once a customer has paid through to become a customer, you want to do a variety of important things…

A. Congratulate the customer, and also give them a free surprise bonus for working with you. What this does is enhance their feelings of trust and gratification with your business.

B. Onboard the customer. This could mean you get the customer onto an on-boarding call with a customer service agent, or this could mean you walk them through a back office they get access to.

C. Follow up the next day or week to ensure the customer is happy and enjoying what they received. People often need support to keep their confidence high with any company they work with.

If you continue following up with each customer on a regular basis, you’ll retain the majority of your clients while also building their faith with your brand even deeper.

Now, there is even more you can do to increase profits that much further. You can actually upsell / downsell / resell already sold customers! Yes, you can do these even with high ticket sales clients as well. So we’re going to cover next, how to close already closed clients – for a second time!


Cross Selling Strategies

Congratulations! You just closed a client and earned some great profit for doing so. Now the challenge is, what to do next? You of course want to deliver on all promises and expectations made to the client you just closed. You should be making sure to follow up and continue building a genuine relationship with each customer closed. If you want to truly scale your business with sales then you will want to up-sell each newly closed client.

Within a week to month or so you will want to reach out to the closed client to see how things are going for them. If and only if you are dealing with a happy customer who is genuinely loving the product or service they’ve purchase, then you’ll want to proceed to seeing what other ways you can service them.

Again on this “upselling sales call” you’ll want to make sure you’re simply asking clarifying questions to identify any further needs your customer has. Then of course, you ask more clarifying questions that lead to your customer telling you if they want to invest in solving any of these additional needs.

You can down sell already sold customers as well, instead of just up-selling them. Sometimes a customer or client needs a smaller additional package or service alongside the main offer they invested in.

Overall your strategy should always be to continue serving your customers in as many possible ways as is possible. This ensures you grow the life time value of your customers with a sales strategy that’s effective. More profit is produced and this enables you to continue serving customers even better.
5 Best Tips On How To Close The Sale


Sales Marketing Strategy

When you run through hundreds of sales calls over time you’ll develop your skills. Your newly added and improved sales skills with enable you to get higher sales conversion rates. The additional conversions create more profit for the company which then will fuel the overall sales marketing strategy to continue growing and developing. It’s your job to continue becoming better at sales as you run through more sales calls.

Your sales strategy after improving your sales skills should look like this…

  1. Learn how to raise your sales prices overtime. As you become better at closing and of course want more profits, it’s best to raise your sales prices.
  2. Improve your sales follow up communication with clients. The better you become with follow up, the more customer retention you will have.
  3. The best marketing sales strategy is one that is natural and real. People can feel how you care or don’t care about them and what they’re saying. Truly act like you care, because you should!


We hoped you got much wisdom and tips from this article “5 Best Tips On How To Close The Sale” And if you ever have any questions, don’t hesitate to post them in the comments section below or just say hello 🙂


With our kindest regards,
Jon Weberg
Richard Weberg


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