How To Choose a Domain Name (For Your Website Or Blog)

How To Choose a Domain Name (For Your Website Or Blog)

Choosing the best domain name for your website or blog


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There are some key points to remember when choosing a domain name, and it is important to at least consider these options. How to choose the perfect domain name that is best for you.


Choosing Your Niche.

The first step in choosing the best domain name really lies in choosing your website/blog’s niche.

We all know that your blog needs a niche of some kind.

Whether it’s marketing, make money online, cooking, cross fit exercises, veganism, dog sitting, underwater cross stitching – whatever crazy blog niche you can think up, there are an endless amount of things to blog about.

Most professional bloggers will tell you to start with something that you’re truly passionate about because it helps you “maintain a consistent writing schedule and push through failure to succeed.”

So you should actually choose a niche that intersects best with your desires, passion, skills, and experience.

Some questions to maybe ask your self.

Does your passion for it drive you to teach & share.
Do you already have previous experience with.
Are you knowledgeable in this niche.
Does it drive you to help others.


Choosing the perfect domain name.

Here is one really important thing to consider as well when choosing the perfect domain name, because..

As a website/blog owner, you are the brand. You need to be the brand.

So your domain name does not have to reflect your niche per say, and if you choose a domain name to niche specific, you will not be able to pivot from it, if your interest change..

As an example: you chose a domain name of, now a year later you change your mind because your interest and focus have totally changed..Now your super focused and passionate about cooking and want to share about that instead..

You couldn’t really use the domain to do it.

You cant exactly write and add content for cooking on a domain name that reflects baby toys in its name..

You would have to start another website/blog from scratch..Make sense?

How much time, effort and money have you already put into jumpingbabytoys?


Our best recommendation.

Is always to choose your name as your domain name.

You want to brand you, and your website/blog’s niche could be about any topics you so desire..

But you still need to be aware of what niche you truly want to go after, because if you have a name like “James Johnson” your never going to be able to get as a domain name.

26,850 other people in the United States alone have that name.

My name Richard Weberg is not common so it was easy to get


Different Domain Extensions..?

You could try a different domain extension. If the .com version is already registered you may still be able to get the .net or .org version of the name.

But remember this when considering a different domain extension.


Google loves a .com domain because it’s the oldest and largest period! This means more natural clout for your website/blog.

Or you could add your middle name or nickname to your domain name, because that is still you and will work good.


For example: if your name is James Brian Johnson you could see if is available.

Or if you had a nickname of JJ you could try

Or something like


Consider adding your profession or occupation to your name.

Like or These look very professional.

Just make sure your domain name does not get to long. Short ones are best and it will not be easily remember-able and identified..

Now let say that you have played the violin for 15 years and are still super passionate about it, your probably not going to ever change your mind regarding this niche..Your interest will be there the rest of your life..

In our minds that truly opens the door for using a very niche specific domain name..

As an example: you would just have to try variations tell you find one available.

Still would much rather see you use your name, because it brands you.

But as the internet grows that gets harder to do and find the perfect domain name..Good ones are getting harder to come by.


There is another perfect domain name scenario.

There is another way of branding with a domain name as well that can encompass you being able to write about any niche or topic you want.

You can pivot from this type of domain name very easily..And the domain name itself will be easily identified, remembered and catchy.

These types of domain names are really great and personal as well..Example;

See that as a domain name, does not encompass anyone specific niche, the firemans wife could write about anything..And a real story could be wrote around it in so many ways.

You just need to encompass something catchy, short and memorable..


Key points to remember when choosing a domain name.

1. Go with a .com extension if at all possible for your website domain name

2. Try to get your name as the domain name, or some version of it.

3. Do not make it to long. Your domain name should be easy to remember.

4. Play around with different combinations & Get creative.

5. After choosing a domain name do not hate it.


Blogging can be quite lucrative when done correctly.

The top bloggers in the world earn millions, but even a part-time blogger can expect to make a nice profit if things are done in the right way.

The best part about having your own website/blog is it’s a form of passive income, since you can spend just a few hours a week writing pieces of good content and then continue to profit from it long after the the writing is finished. We go into much more detail on how to monetize your website/blog in our courses.

So take some time and choose a domain name that is best for you, and you will be very happy with my friend..


Please leave us a comment below if you have any questions or need help in anyway, or just say hi 🙂

Have a fantastic day!

Your Friends And Partners
Richard And John Weberg

How To Choose a Domain Name (For Your Website Or Blog)


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  1. Hello there! I know this is kinda off topic but I
    was wondering if you knew where I could find
    a captcha plugin for my comment form? I’m using the same blog platform as
    yours and I’m having difficulty finding one? Thanks a lot!

    1. No problem, and anytime you have questions, always post them so we can help you. Sounds like your having a problem with spam comments, as almost all blogs will have this happen, as a result of bots spamming your comment form. The best thing to do to solve this issue, is to add the Akismet plugin. You do not need a captcha for your comment forms when you have this plugin. It will put all spam comments into your spam box in your wordpress dashboard, then you just simply click on empty spam, and they are all deleted automatically. Please watch this video I did, around the 8 minute mark, I start explaining more about the Akismet plugin and show you how it works.

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