Why it’s Essential to Get a Digital Marketing Mentor

Why It’s Essential to Get a Digital Marketing Mentor 1200x628

Late NBA great Kobe Bryant was famous for seeking mentorship from the greats of the past and present. And after he reached greatness himself, Kobe went out of his way to mentor the future generation. In 2014, Bryant famously said, “I love learning from people who take on giants and slay them.” Those giants included everyone from business mentors Arianna Huffington and Chris Sacca to his lifelong idol on the basketball court, Michael Jordan.

Bryant’s pursuit of greatness showed that no matter how much talent or luck you have going for you, you are never above learning from those who came before you, or giving back to those after you. 

Whether you are competing for greatness as a digital marketer, as an athlete, or just to be a better human being, mentorship is a key to achieving all of your goals. This blog will explain why it is essential to find a digital marketing mentor that can guide your development with personal experience and wisdom.

What is a Mentor?

A mentorship is a mutually beneficial professional relationship where the mentor imparts knowledge, expertise, and wisdom to a less experienced individual.

A mentorship relationship should prioritize the development needs of the mentee. An honorable mentor will provide professional, moral, and personal support for their mentee when appropriate, but will not seek or demand explicit rewards in exchange for their leadership.

How Can a Mentor Help My Digital Marketing?

The right online marketing mentor for you will show you the ropes of e-business marketing, saving you the time and energy you would have spent trying to teach yourself. With so much misinformation and scamming online, it provides great comfort to have a trusted expert to talk you through difficult tasks and decisions.

What To Look For In A Digital Marketing Mentor

When identifying the ideal mentor, you need to be realistic about what you are looking to gain from your relationship with your mentor.

From influencer culture, to social media to tech and AI, marketing converges too many fields for anyone to claim absolute mastery. Mentorships allow both parties to meet in the middle and remain humble about the ambiguities of the industry. An anecdote of the past may be just as valuable as a cutting edge analytic, but neither side may see the bigger picture without the other’s insight.

Mentors can also provide benchmarks that let mentees feel comfortable about their pace of development. Marketing success is not always measured in straight-forward quotas or clear cut wins and losses. Quantifying a brand’s intrinsic value or identity is not a simple equation. 

That is why “CEOs often say that the job of the CMO is the toughest in the C-suite; in my industry, the CMO role is often referred to as the toughest job in tech.” 

That is why every digital marketer needs a mentor that can keep providing wisdom and resources along their ambiguous journey to success.

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