The 5 Best Digital Marketing Courses Online For Learning Marketing

Digital marketing courses online

Learning how to improve your marketing efforts is one of the main ways businesses scale their profits. This is why the best digital marketing courses online are so sought after! Better digital marketing is the key to growth that businesses will also pay top dollar for. In fact, businesses on average spend between 7-8% of their revenue on marketing.

You’ll be walked through the top digital marketing courses below. Learn which digital marketing courses are the best, the pricing for them, the top features you should be considering, and much more!


Is Digital Marketing Worth Learning Online?

Yes, in fact the growing majority of marketers are learning about digital marketing online now. Every year more and more marketers are moving into the digital marketing field because of businesses transitioning to online sales.

In the online marketplace you’ll find a variety of courses, trainings, masterminds, and more – all teaching about the variety of aspects that make up digital marketing.

Is Digital Marketing Worth Learning Online

Because digital marketing really entails a variety of different aspects of marketing.


Can I Learn Digital Marketing On My Own?

Yes! Anyone can learn about digital marketing on their own. Many entrepreneurs are self taught or invest in marketing courses & other forms of marketing education in order to learn marketing best practices.

Over the years however, the marketing education space has been diluted with a variety of low quality “digital marketing consultants & coaches” that claim they are experts. Often however, they are simply good at only selling their own services – and not actually good at teaching others about marketing.

Can I Learn Digital Marketing On My Own

When deciding on purchasing any online digital marketing course, be careful and selective. Not all online marketing courses are created the same!


Can Digital Marketing Be Self Taught?

The digital world is the best place to become a self taught master of any skill. Yes, digital marketing can be self taught, and most often it is self taught through trial & error.

Schools are no longer the best place to learn life long important skills. Going through an online course, lesson, lectures, or program – is a cost effective alternative to schooling that the world is adapting to quickly.

You should learn in the digital world through a course of some kind, as they often are created by world class talented entrepreneurs.


Best Digital Marketing Courses Online

Below are the best digital marketing courses online. Each digital marketing course has been reviewed and tested for it’s quality of education and training it provides. While each review of each course will be honest and transparent, always use your own discretion when deciding what investments you are willing to make into your marketing education. Only some of the courses below will include a digital marketing certification. (Remember that a marketing certification is not a necessity)

Best Digital Marketing Courses Online

Marketing Mastery Elite

This top tier digital marketing education platform provides the best digital marketing courses to ever have been created. The creator & CEO, Jon Weberg, is a world-class business growth consultant who helps businesses scale through optimization. This creation of his has allows businesses to create hyper growth across every metric measured in business.

Marketing Mastery Elite was created to help businesses scale every single aspect of their marketing, sales, advertising, and business. You’re getting a mastery level education, templates, guides, walkthroughs, and resources – for every digital marketing need you may have.

In fact, MME offers a solution and education in any & every aspect of business you may need guidance on.

Marketing Mastery Elite Courses

With purchasing Marketing Mastery Elite, you will never need to invest in any other marketing, sales, course,  or business resource ever again. It is a permanent solution to any entrepreneur or businesses needs imaginable. This is why they charge more then other courses do.

Here’s all of the digital marketing courses that Marketing Mastery Elite provides when you become a customer with them…

  1. Organic Lead Generation Course
  2. Paid Lead Generation Course
  3. Email Marketing Course
  4. Funnel & Sales Process Design Course
  5. SEO Course
  6. Follow Up Course
  7. Sales Course
  8. Human Resources Course
  9. Business Taxes Course
  10. Graphic Design Course
  11. Videography Course
  12. Social Media Course
  13. Growth Hacking Course
  14. Offer Design Course
  15. Customer Retention Course
  16. Follow Up Course
  17. Product Design Course
  18. Customer Management Course
  19. Affiliate Marketing Course
  20. Inbound & Outbound Marketing Course


Each course is designed to scale your efforts in that specific area of digital marketing, to the most profitable form possible. Each course is a total mastery level of education & knowledge. After reviewing dozens of courses and education platforms, none can match the level of easily understandable expertise that Marketing Mastery Elite provides.



For Individuals & Small Businesses: $2997 one time.

For Medium To Enterprise Businesses: Starting at $49,997 one time.



  • 24/7 Live Support
  • 24/7 Live Updated Content
  • Lifetime Account Access
  • Team & Employee Account Access
  • Premium High Converting Templates For Every Part Of Your Businesss
  • Over The Shoulder Walkthroughs
  • #1 Globally Recognized Business Education & Skill Courses
  • Easy To Use Back Office
  • Beginner To Master Friendly
  • One Of A Kind CEO & Founder
  • One Time Pricing

Marketing Mastery Elite is truly the only education, course, mastermind, course, or book – you or any one of your employees will ever need to learn from for life.


Internet Jetset Super Affiliate System Course

Being one of the most successful affiliate marketers in the world, John Crestani created the Internet Jetset program to help people start and run affiliate businesses at scale. Through this incredible course you will learn multiple different aspects of digital marketing while focusing mainly on affiliate marketing.

What people don’t understand about affiliate marketing and this course, is that it involves multiple different aspects of other digital marketing skills. Email marketing, content marketing, and more – are all using in affiliate marketing.

The Internet Jetset system will walk you through…

  1. How to choose and sell a high converting offer in any niche or industry.
  2. How to drive traffic and leads to your offers
  3. How to scale and optimize your offer to be more profitable

While the Jetset Super Affiliate System isn’t built for business operating at a large scale, it is still a quality online course.


$47 per month to join. There are a select few upsells you can purchase for a one time price as well.


  • Learn how to run ads, manage your offer, and scale
  • Learn at a mastery level how affiliate marketing works
  • Learn from a globally recognized leading affiliate marketer & entrepreneur
  • Great support team
  • Easy to follow course
  • Testimonials and proven process


Affiliate Lab SEO & Affiliate Course

Matt Diggity, a well known SEO master & specialist, has created his very own course on digital marketing. In the Affiliate Lab course, he teaches you how to master SEO while creating, flipping, and selling websites. Through Affiliate Lab you will learn various aspects of digital marketing that will allow you to learn how to start and scale a business in any industry or niche.

This courses is for beginners to intermediate experts, and it has a track history of producing reliable results for those who follow the course closely. The founder did an amazing job putting this course together!

Matt Diggity

Here’s some of the highlights of the Affiliate Lab course…


$997 one-time fee or 2 payments of $597.


  • Learn from a top 5 globally recognized SEO expert
  • Great support team & customer support
  • Affordable pricing with a payment option
  • SEO & Affiliate Marketing Focus
  • Variety of smaller courses and teachings inside
  • Quality product and success rate
  • Easy to follow course


Internet Marketing Gold By Kyle Roof

The Netflix of SEO, Internet Marketing Gold is definitely a top 5 best course. Kyle Roof recently has grown in popularity and became a icon in the SEO world. Internet Marketing Gold was created, as an ongoing SEO and digital marketing course that anyone can tap into at any time.

This course specializes in SEO especially, however it does teach you about other kinds of marketing. Primarily design, content marketing, email marketing, and more.

Kyle Roof is a highly respected SEO expert who only creates quality products and services that serve their customers as promised.


$97 per month


  • Active & engaging support team
  • Extremely affordable
  • Month to month cancel at any time
  • High tier quality digital marketing education
  • 1 of a kind CEO & founder
  • Reliable results generated from this course

Overall, IMG is definitely worth small monthly investment.


YT Marketer By Chris Derenberger

If you want to become a master content marketer and influencer, then YT Marketer is the best course for you to invest in. Chris Derenberger created a one of a kind course that guarantees that after 30 days of following his instructions, you’ll have 1000 subscribers and be monetized on YouTube. This course is one that so far has a 100% success rate for clients that have followed the course closely.

Chris is among the best YouTube marketers in the space, and he’s taught tens of thousands of people who to run and scale a profitable business with YouTube marketing.


$1295 one time cost.


  • Quality support team
  • One time cost only
  • Great CEO who is a quality digital marketer
  • Simple course that is beginner friendly
  • Updated on a regular basis
  • Private members only Facebook group
  • Step by step course instructions


What Does Digital Marketing Consist Of?

People often have the misconception that digital marketing is a single action or industry, however you will find that digital marketing is made up from a variety of smaller industries. Each industry and marketing practice listed below is a part of digital marketing that makes it whole.

  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Outbound Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Referral Marketing
  • Product Marketing

What Does Digital Marketing Consist Of

Each of these forms of digital marketing requires a different but important skillset to be successful in each field.

The purpose of most digital marketing course certifications & courses in general – is to learn how to master these digital marketing skills specifically. There is a course available online for each of these skills. Marketing Mastery Elite above, has a course for each one & more.


Which Digital Marketing Strategies Will You Learn In A Course?

In a good course you will learn in depth digital marketing strategies on how to master a few important aspects of marketing. Most often you will learn about…

  1. The customer experience
  2. Customer management
  3. Copywriting
  4. How to sell
  5. How to create content
  6. How to generate leads & traffic

Each of these skills can be used both in the digital world & the real world.


What Is The Best Digital Marketing Strategy & Skill To Learn

The best strategy to learn the most about, is how to relate & communicate with customers. This marketing skill will allow you to be effective in all communication and messaging your business puts out into the marketplace.

In both the digital & physical world, learning how to communicate properly is crucial.


Which Digital Marketing Specialization Is The Most Useful?

As you start learning digital marketing you will most likely start specializing in a certain are of marketing. This is where you’ll become an highly value expert in 1 or 2 areas of digital marketing specialization. Among the specializations, there are a few that are the most useful and universal. Here are the marketing specializations I suggest focusing on first…

  1. Advanced Email Marketing
  2. Digital Marketing Analytics
  3. Social Media Marketing

By learning more specifically about these forms of marketing in a course or training, you’ll have a more useful and in demand knowledge in marketing.

The digital world rewards highly skills digital business specialists.


Digital Marketing Certification

Getting a digital marketing certification after going through a course is what many course seekers would like to happen for them. However, not all marketing courses include course certifications. For the ones that do, upon course completion, you most likely will receive both a digital and physical certification. This is a certification that you can display on your websites, blogs, or on your office wall.

People want certifications because they believe that having a certification will bring them in more customers & make them be seen as a more credible authority. This often is the case, however your business and its growth won’t be dictated entirely by having certifications. Some businesses have scaled to 8 and 9 figures without having any certifications of any kind.

Digital Marketing Certification

Having a certification in digital marketing or any profession is an added certificate of authority. While it is recommended that you have them, you don’t necessarily need them.

Is It Worth Getting A Digital Marketing Certificate?

It depends, on the cost of getting the digital marketing certificate and the authority the certificate represents. If you get a digital marketing certificate that isn’t recognized by a wide audience, then getting the certificate may not benefit you. If you want to get a marketing certificate, you want it to be one that your audience will respect & recognize.

If you’re going to get a digital marketing certificate, you also want to ensure that you’re not spending $1,000’s just for the piece of paper or recognition.

Only invest in a digital marketing certificate if it is…

  1. Affordable
  2. Recognized widely
  3. Respectable

You will get a quality digital marketing training with a certificate, and this training will help with your overall digital marketing strategy.


Digital Marketing Course FAQS

There are a variety of other important digital marketing questions that should be answered for you! Take a look below that the list of questions and answers to see if they help you learn more about how every kind of course works.

Are Udemy Digital Marketing Courses Any Good?

For most businesses and people, no. Udemy courses are entry level at best and offer very little in depth training or education of any kind. Only if you are a complete beginner should you ever consider investing in a Udemy digital marketing course of any kind. Udemy is a low budget low quality massive course collection that has no real specialty or focus.

What Is The Best Free Digital Marketing Course Online?

While free digital marketing courses are not the same quality of paid digital marketing courses, free courses are still useful & helpful. If you want to learn digital marketing for free then you should look on either YouTube or Google. Through YouTube you can watch free videos walking you through all kinds of digital marketing, while Google will have articles for you to learn from.

Here’s 2 reputable and free digital marketing YouTube channels you can learn from…

  1. Jon Weberg’s YouTube Channel
  2. Richard Weberg’s YouTube Channel

Watch the videos on these channels to learn everything about what digital marketing is and how it works. Learning this kind of specialization & in depth knowledge is important for any entrepreneur.

Is Google Digital Marketing Course Worth It?

The Google digital marketing course is free to take, so if you have extra time on your hands, you should definitely consider taking it. This is a well recognized and respected course to take that also comes with a certification upon completion. Take the Google digital marketing course here.

Is Social Media Marketing A Big Part Of Digital Marketing?

Yes, social media marketing is a big part of marketing in business. This is why every business owner and employee should go through at least 1 beginner friendly social media marketing course. A course that teaches you the fundamentals of SMM will help you understand how the content you produce in social media effects your conversion rates, lead, generation, and so much more. The online world is expanding, be a part of it!


Why Investing In A Digital Marketing Course Online Is A Good Decision

Most businesses aren’t running their operations nearly as profitably as they could be. By investing in any course online you’re enabling your business to be optimized and grow quickly. Businesses are profitable depending on how each aspect of their operations, is managed effectively.

With digital marketing courses, either yourself or employees can learn how to become master of the their craft and area of digital marketing they manage.

Investing In A Digital Marketing Course Online Is A Good Decision

You can find digital online course that available at any price point or budget. A course made by a true marketing specialist, will also teach you everything you need to know about any aspect of digital & marketing world.

The online world is expanding and every course you can get your hands on will help you scale your business faster. Trainings, programs, courses – they all will aid your digital journey!

Consider investing in a course now if you have a need to learn about digital marketing, or have a need to make your business more profitable.


With our kindest regards,

Jon Weberg

Richard Weberg




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