7 Figure Affiliate System Review: The Best Affiliate System?

7 Figure Affiliate System Review

Affiliate marketing is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Amazon, Walmart, and other global distributors that deal with billions of dollars, even use affiliate marketing. Why is this form of peer to peer marketing so powerful and used globally? It’s an easy way, for people to start a business selling anything they desire.

Now, how do you scale those affiliate marketing efforts? You use a system. Maybe, you’d want to use the 7 Figure Affiliate System created by Michael Cheney.

Affiliate systems are the fastest way to make sure your affiliate marketing business becomes more profitable, efficient, and easy to run. Hence, the whole reason why we wrote this 7 Figure Affiliate System review in the first place. We love helping our readers find the products and services that will help make their business much more profitable and scalable.

So, without further ado… Here’s the full review on this brand new and possibly the best affiliate system made to date.


What Is The 7 Figure Affiliate System?

The 7 Figure Affiliate System is an affiliate marketing system that helps you create, manage, and profitably scale an affiliate marketing business. Through following this system you will access every single affiliate tool, affiliate resources, and affiliate marketing traffic source needed – in order to generate substantial and consistent affiliate commissions on a regular basis.

What Is The 7 Figure Affiliate System

The affiliate system is built with easy, automation, and simplicity in mind. It was built so literally anyone, regardless of past affiliate marketing experience, could follow it.

What Is An Affiliate System?

An affiliate system, is a system that automates and simplifies the affiliate marketing process for generating commissions and sales. Often, people create the systems to reduce their workload an increase conversions in their affiliate marketing.


How Does The 7 Figure Affiliate System Work?

The 7 Figure Affiliate System is brilliant in it’s design. After all, the founder of 7FAS took all of his years experience in the industry, and put it into this single system.

You’ll find that the 7 Figure Affiliate System walks you through every step needed to create and scale and affiliate marketing business of your own.

How Does The 7 Figure Affiliate System Work

Here are the affiliate system steps you’ll follow…

  • Discover the best selling affiliate products & affiliate services to promote
  • Use the easiest and most simple methods for generating free traffic and sales for these products and services
  • Run weekly successful promos that generate consistent sales and a regular basis
  • Access to Michael’s private collection of affiliate tools and affiliate resources
  • Much, much more!

You’ll find that the system is extremely easy to go through.


Who Made The 7 Figure Affiliate System?

The creator of the 7 Figure Affiliate System is Michael Cheney. Michael Cheney is an established affiliate marketer who has been in the industry for over 22 years.

Michael Cheney has launched a variety of different affiliate marketing related products and services over the years, but this by far got us excited more then any of the others.

Who Made The 7 Figure Affiliate System

Michael lives in the United Kingdom, and has a great personality where he does an amazing job of educating and entertaining his audience.

We’ve found him to be a genuine person, who truly cares about the people he’s works with, and who become customers.


What Is The 7 Figure Affiliate System Support Like?

You’ll find that the 7 Figure Affiliate System support is extremely competent and helpful. Michael Cheney and his team makes sure to provide excellent support services to answers any questions, or take care of any issues you may have while going through the system itself.

In this day and age, a great support team is essential for any business to strive. After all, your business scales off of your ability to manage customers properly and help them see the results and eliminate the problems they care about.

7 Figure Affiliate System Support



7 Figure Affiliate System Pricing

Getting started with the 7 Figure Affiliate System only costs $9!

Yes the starting pricing is extremely affordable to the masses. There are a variety of upsells and down-sells available at different prices points. However, they are all optional, and are not required to have access to and enter the 7 Figure Affiliate System back office.

7 Figure Affiliate System Pricing

What Is A Good Price To Pay For An Affiliate Program or Affiliate System?

Paying anywhere from a few dozen to a few hundred dollars is a great general starting price for a solid affiliate marketing education or system. We’ve invested $10,000’s into learning more about affiliate marketing, but you should only do this, once you have generated a substantial income from affiliate marketing. We recommend you spend between $1-$997 for learning from a reputable affiliate marketing professional.

At $9, the 7 Figure Affiliate System is a steal!


7 Figure Affiliate System Affiliate Program

Yes! This system does also feature and affiliate program that you can earn from that will make you 50% commissions for every single sale you generate. This includes 50% commissions on upsells and down-sells as well! Michael Cheney is infamous for creating affiliate launches that pay out huge commissions, for the launch he gave out 100%, 200%, and 300% commissions.

7 Figure Affiliate System Affiliate Program

The 7FAS is promoted by all kinds of affiliates, including some of the largest affiliate marketers across the world.

You can join the affiliate program, but we suggest being a customer first so you can understand how to scale your affiliate efforts.


7 Figure Affiliate System Features

There are a few important features that the 7 Figure Affiliate System highlights. Each of these features has been created to give you a better experience in your affiliate marketing journey. You’ll want to pay attention to these features, if you plan on using the 7FAS yourself after reading this review and deciding it is right for you.

Here is the full list of features…

  • Simple to navigate back office
  • 22 years off affiliate marketing experience condensed into 1 system
  • 24/7 email support
  • Incredible affiliate manager on hand
  • Traffic sources that convert included
  • All in one system with everything needed to scale affiliate marketing included
  • Great affiliate marketing course for beginners and experts alike

7 Figure Affiliate System Affiliate Features


7 Figure Affiliate System Pros And Cons

There are a large amount of pros to the 7FAS, however there are some cons as well. We always want to do a full & fair unbiased review of every product and service we write about – so this 7 Figure Affiliate System review will have both pros and cons. As we always say, you should use your own discretion when deciding if any product, service, or company, is right for you to invest in. Think critically, and take time in your decision making.

7 Figure Affiliate System Pros And Cons

Here is the full list of pros and cons.


There are a lot of great aspects that make the 7 Figure Affiliate system fantastic for affiliate marketers! Here’s what stands out to us…

  1. Easy to follow system
  2. Simple instructions
  3. Professional guidance from an affiliate marketing professional
  4. Great traffic and sales guidance
  5. Excellent promo strategy
  6. Good support that cares
  7. Genuine and caring founder who will always give to his customers


While there are a lot of pros, there are some cons when considering to join this system as well. Here’s what we see as some negatives…

  1. You’ll want to purchase the upsells: The $9 system is amazing, and these upsells are just as impactful and powerful for scaling your affiliate business
  2. It will take time: This is a genuine, legit system for building a real affiliate marketing business. It will take time, energy, and money to make it profitable.
  3. It’s not done for you. This system is great! Automated, and simple… But, it will require your work and effort to follow & put it together.


7 Figure Affiliate System Review Final Thoughts

Over the years we’ve had the privilege and honor to be able to review and go through thousands of ideas, programs, companies, and more.

We’ve found that this review, was one of our most up front and thorough. The 7 Figure Affiliate System is a good affiliate system for learning how to start or scale any affiliate marketing business exponentially. Affiliate systems in general are excellent at this, while the 7FAS is also among one of the best we’ve seen.

We do recommend that you join and invest in becoming a customer of the 7FAS, if you’re an affiliate marketer or looking to become one soon. As well, if you’re an entrepreneur or business person in general, there is a lot you can learn from it.

Take a look HERE, at the 7 Figure Affiliate System and see if it’s right for you, or not.


With our kindest regards,

Jon Weberg

Richard Weberg



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