Best Video Hosting

best video hosting

Best Video Hosting

Finding the best possible company to host your videos with is a tough choice. Often to even be able to find the best video hosting you need to meet 3 important standards. Video hosting for the long term should have these 3 things in place… 

  1. Zero Censorship or shutting down of any company or person based upon their views
  2. Ad free platform where you are in control of monetization
  3. An all in one video hosting, sharing, and live streaming platform where you are put into control.

While this is a dream scenario that will allow you to have a viral and growing video presence, there is currently only one company that provides all of these things.

(Which I will get to)

The main features your video hosting platform choice must have is the following. A) Video hosting. B) Video streaming. C) Video sharing. D). Potential to grow video viewership organically.

While all of these 4 things are pretty much universal among the video hosting industry, you still will find a few platforms that don’t meet these additional common standards.

Video Hosting Server

When you’re hosting videos anywhere, you must have the best video hosting server possible. This is because, your videos are actually hosted on physical servers. The speed and data storage of each video hosting server dictates how fast, stable, and the amount of data that can be stored on each server. The unfortunate truth, is that the majority of video hosting platforms outsource their video hosting servers to other companies. 

This means that most companies don’t actually have any control of their servers. When this is the case, many issues can arise. Without complete control of your servers, companies can’t… 1. Update servers easily. 2. Replace servers easily. 3. Fix servers easily.

This means that with most video hosting businesses the probability of the safety of your videos being compromised is extremely high. 

You will want to find a company that hosts and has their own video hosting servers under their control. You’ll find that there are only a select few companies that actually practice this.

Video Hosting Costs 

The costs of video hosting is another important part of deciding which video hosting you want to invest your time and money into. We’ve found that the majority of video hosting platforms can be quite expensive in costs. Often, companies force you to upgrade, or have such limited capabilities you have no option but to choose the most expensive package they offer. Do not be tricked by these pricing strategies they use to lock you into expensive plans. Choose carefully, and really make sure to check out more then one company at a time when considering your options.

Viduber Video Hosting

There so far from our research has only been a single company that meets all of these standards we have laid out. Viduber video hosting allows you all of the following, at the best video hosting prices in the entire marketplace.

  1. Free speech zero censorship video hosting
  2. Viduber owns the servers they host their videos on
  3. Viduber is a completely ad free video hosting platform
  4. You can monetize your content on Viduber however you please
  5. Viduber video hosting
  6. Viduber video sharing
  7. Viduber video live streaming

And again, you get all of the above – at the best price in the entire marketplace.

This saves you money while allowing you to be as creative as you want.

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