Best Video Hosting Site

Best Video Hosting Site

There are a lot of new and upcoming video hosting companies in the marketplace right now. As a freelancer, business owner, entrepreneur or streamer – you want and need the best video hosting possible. When you choose the best video hosting site, you’re able to maximize your presence and massively scale your viewership. You have companies like Rumble, Wistia, Youtube, and many others who are trying to innovate to make sure they keep their customer base growing. However, it seems like the current audience looking for the best video hosting platforms are turning to a new alternative site.

This new alternative video hosting platform – Viduber – is the best priced option available while still having all of the features and benefits of the other companies combined.

Viduber is a company that’s in zero debt, has no outside interests, and that has rapidly began growing it’s customer base across the globe.

Viduber Review

Unlike all competition in the video hosting marketing place – Viduber has these immense advantages…

  1. Unlimited video hosting
  2. Ad free video hosting
  3. Censorship free video hosting
  4. Free speech video hosting
  5. Cheapest video hosting platform in the marketplace

That’s right. Viduber includes all of these advantages plus they have what every other video hosting site provides as well.

A). Video hosting. B) Video sharing. C) Video live streaming. D) Video embedding.

Viduber CEO Joel Therien

Joel Therien is the acting founder of Viduber. Joel has been in the business marketing tools and hosting industry for over 20 years. After moving from Canada to the U.S. for better internet speed capabilities – Joel created his first hosting company GVO. (Global Virtual Opportunities) 

Joel is one of the most ethical business owners you’ll ever meet and work with. We’ve been great friends with Joel for almost a decade now and we appreciate everything he’s done. Whether it’s rewarding his customers, rewarding his affiliates, or flying to your anniversary… Joel really cares about those he loves. 

This shows in Joel’s care for his companies. When it comes to Viduber, he put a lot of money, energy and time into making sure it was the most stable best video hosting software company available.

Video Hosting Benefits & Services 

There are a lot of different things that we look for in our video hosting companies.

You need to have a fast and reliable speed of video for both uploading and for watching. Viduber has a great upload and immediate watch time which is incredible. It makes sense however that Viduber is best video hosting site, since they own their servers themselves.

When you’re considering a video hosting service you also sometimes take a look at if you can be rewarding by sharing the service with others. The video hosting affiliate market however is dead. Wistia and Vimeo pay a tiny 3% commissions for when you refer others to their platform. Viduber however, pays up to 60% commissions for when you refer people to use their video hosting site. 

This 60% commissions they pay out is also why Viduber is going viral so quickly. They have a premium service at half the price of competitors, all while allowing you to promote and monetize the service however you want.

If what I’ve gone over sounds like a valuable video hosting service, you should click here to learn more.

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