Best Traffic Exchange Websites

How To Know The Best Traffic Exchange Websites From Bad Ones

There are 100’s and maybe even 1000’s of traffic exchanges that have launched over the past 10 years alone. As well, among this selection there are only a select few that truly have quality traffic capable of getting you real life long customers & buyers. I’m going to go through now exactly how to know which traffic exchanges are great – from their rotten counterparts. This strategy and guide I’ll be using, is also what you should use when considering using any traffic source. (Paid social media ads, PPC, you name it)

  1. Consider Length Of Time In Service To Customers. The majority of businesses that successfully are able to grow while servicing customers over a long period of time – are the kinds of businesses or companies you want to invest with. So, when you are considering which traffic exchanges to use or paid traffic to invest in – take a look at how long the company has been in business. This is an important factor, because companies almost always only last, when they are of a quality nature. 
  2. Look For A Large Quantity Of Quality Reviews From Past Customers. The biggest tell tale sign that a company or business truly is able to get results for their customers – is signified by the customers telling you that themselves! Any reviews and testimonials should be in text and even more importantly video format. Make sure to actually watch multiple different reviews, and use your best ability possible to distinguish if the person is being honest or not.
  3. Test Test Test! Great marketing and business is made from even better testing. This is why in order to truly know how well any traffic source will perform for what you’re offering to the world, you must test a large quantity of traffic. By testing a few thousands clicks, or a hundred leads or so going through, you can see and tell if you’re going to get good enough results to depend upon any traffic source you’re considering using. Test, experiment, and test some more – it’s the only way to know what will get results.

How Traffic Exchanges Get You Quality Clicks & Traffic

Traffic exchanges are one of the fastest and easiest ways to get quality clicks and leads without any large investments. The reason why traffic exchanges have remained so effective, is the fact that traffic exchanges have a near 100% real viewership and real human eyeballs on your stuff. Because people have to manually surf and view your site, it means that virtually every single click you are receiving is from a real person. Some people ask and are thinking, “Well, isn’t all other traffic real people viewing your stuff to?”

A large portion of the time, the traffic you get from other sources like Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Bing Ads, etc, – is bot traffic and fake. In fact, Google has even released and entire refund program for the large amount of fake and bad traffic they deliver for customers. Do you understand now the need for good quality traffic?

Often when you see people brag about “large email lists” or having large amounts of people seeing their ads – depending on the person – they’re getting very bad quality leads and traffic. And the problem with low quality traffic is that you’re going to get less leads and even less of those leads to become actual customers. 

List Of Traffic Exchanges That Are The Best

We’ve gone through and found for you the list of best traffic exchanges you can join and use immediately. Each of these, are very simple to use. As well, they’ve been vetted based upon the quality of traffic they deliver.

Within 10-15 minutes, you can be signed up to these traffic exchanges and have real live people viewing your advertisements and offers.

We advise signing up and use all of these traffic exchanges resources now. (Many of them have tens of thousands, to hundreds of thousands of users)

Here’s the list of the best 6 traffic exchanges you can join for free and start using today for getting real website traffic. 

(These are manual-surf traffic exchanges as well, do not use autosurf exchanges they are nothing but bots)

  1. Leased Ad Space
  2. PageRankCafe
  3. TrafficAdBar
  4. TrafficG
  5. WebmasterQuest
  6. Hit2hit

Why Use Traffic Exchange Traffic?

(If you want) You no longer have to pay for your traffic. Traffic exchanges have became the most efficient free way to drive traffic naturally in a very direct way. You view other people’s live offers, while they also view yours at the same time. Hence, the name “Traffic Exchange”. 

Some people don’t think that Traffic Exchanges don’t deliver good quality buyers. However, this is in fact completely false. We’ve used traffic exchanges for over 10 years and they have produced for us hundreds – thousands of customers.

Often we’ve even found that Traffic Exchange traffic is even better then the “mainstream traffic sources”. As well, it can be WAY less expensive and save you loads of time and money. You just go to do the work using them.

All of the above strategy and thought is exactly why traffic exchanges are here to stay. If you truly want quality traffic, leads, customers – use traffic exchanges today. They have been around now for 20 years.

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