Best Solo Ads

best solo ads

Best Solo Ads

You should choose only the best solo ads companies to work with. As solo ads are quick but large amounts of clicks delivered by usually singular vendors. Every single solo ads that runs can mean the difference between getting a few sales, or a ton of sales overnight. The best solo ads come from a variety of particular companies that have made it truly profitable over the years. These solo ad companies have made it possible by narrowing down and finding the right quality of traffic they can reliably deliver. By always vetting, tracking, and filtering traffic, the top companies have taken the industry by storm. 

Here are the best solo ads sources you’ll find anywhere on the internet today. (***Special Notice: We have tested with $10,000’s all of these traffic sources over the past 10 years. This is a credible solo ad review, as we’ve been at a 8.4X profit for well over a decade.

Best Solo Ad Companies

  1. Traffic Authority
  2. Udimi Solo Ads
  3. TrafficForMe
  4. MLM Leads

All remain and have been the top solo ad sources over the past decade. They all have a large number of positive reviews while also having positive ROI traffic that we’ve tested on dozens of occasions. They all offer the best solo ads possible. With a varying degree of vendors, no matter your niche or industry you’ll be able to use these solo ad companies for whatever you’re offering. Regardless of what this or any other review says, you’ll want to be careful and truly vet a company before investing. What does this mean? You should review their website, testimonials, reviews, and see if they’re registered with the BBB. 

We found that out of all of these companies Traffic Authority meets the standard for being the most authentic and reliable traffic provider for solo ads to date. Traffic Authority has an A+ rating with the BBB, and they’ve sold many hundreds of million of dollars in traffic. With over a decade of experience in the traffic industry, Greg Chambers the CEO of TA, is a personal friend and peer. We’ve worked with him personally and can vouch for the ethics and care given by his company. They truly are transparent with how their traffic works and delivers. It’s a true customer centric solo ad company.

Who should you buy from? We highly recommend the first 2 companies should be your first solo ad choices. Udimi is another great and credible solo ad provider with many dozens of more intimate solo providers within the platform. 

TrafficForMe is a great platform, however we’ve found from conversion tests that both TA and Udimi traffic converts at a higher rate. (Both for leads and sales conversions)

Although Trafficforme offers more niches available, so when you need to make sure you are buying solo ads for niche specific, Trafficforme can provide: Health, survival, financial, personal development, and business opportunity niches.

Finally MLM Leads can get the job done for almost any niche, and specializes as well in the lead delivery business, meaning you can buy outright leads for the niche you are in as well, besides them offering traditional solo ads.

We buy traffic from all 4 of these providers regularly, and use them to build over 50 income streams from affiliate programs.

Solo Ads Marketplace

The solo ads marketplace contains many other top solo ad companies that have been around for years. The only problem with the other companies is that they don’t have high enough conversion rates for them to be profitable. With being in marketing, sales, and affiliate marketing for over 10 years – these 3 solo ads marketplace (s) are the main options you’ll want to focus on testing.

What entails a good test to see if a solo ad platforms traffic will get you sales? You need to run at least 500 – 1000 clicks to your offers from solo ads in order to have a true test and determine if you can get reliable customers from that solo ad marketplace. So always test the best solo ads sources first, like the ones we described in this article.

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