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Solo ads are the best way to establish a presence, especially as it utilizes email and expands the business’ network of connections. This independent email marketing is paid per click and serves as an advertisement for every person listed on the seller’s inventory. Solo ads are the most acceptable way to spread awareness about the company’s brand and raise interest to the targeted clientele.

However, it is best to purchase solo ads from someone who has established an excellent reputation in the field. This ensures that you are not buying empty clicks and won’t finance shady websites that perform fraud and data theft.

If you do not know how solo ads work, I suggest clicking here to learn more of the ins and outs.

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There are various established servers that sell solo advertisements at a low price but have hyper-targeting features. Some of them include:

* TrafficAuthority – is the best of the best, and the highest performing solo ads we have ever bought. They provide many traffic services on top of their solo ads, including tracking links, link rotators and a traffic academy where one can learn other traffic generating methods and strategies. They have some of the best order controls in the business, where one can change a link out in an instant or pause a campaign immediately, without having to send a ticket into support.

They have delivered over 5 million clicks to customers websites in a single month. They basically have an unlimited supply of traffic. The owner of Traffic Authority has been in the wholesale website traffic business for over 20 years.

We have used their website traffic services now for the past 3 years, and consider them the best there is.

Read our full Traffic Authority Review and pricing.

* iGoTraffic – Considered as one of the best solo ad sellers in the market, iGoTraffic has a success rate of seventeen percent. Aside from having dozens of legitimate testimonials, customers’ opinions have high ratings. One of the perks of availing from this seller is that they remove leads that are non-functioning and even generate five hundred to one thousand fresh leads every day. It also has a high click rating of ninety-five to one-hundred percent, depending on traffic and client preferences.

We have not personally used iGoTraffic yet.

* Udimi – This solo ads server serves as a middle man connecting sellers and customers in one place. The strength lies in the diversity of sellers present in the server that performs in various fields and business functions. Aside from being able to track ads, each solo ad order can also be converted, and traffic can be watched. The plethora of sellers present in the server guarantees that you can choose the best offer in the market for your chosen niche, as the ratings and client reviews are also visible. Most click prices are worth $0.35 to $0.95.

We have used Udimi solo ad services for years.

* MLMLeads – is also a powerhouse traffic provider, they have been in the business of providing online solo ads for many years. The owner is very dedicated to providing high class service and the utmost quality solo ads. They have many testimonials provided by other professional marketers who use their service on a regular basis as we do.

MLM Leads has never disappointed us.

* Solo Ad Groups on Facebook – Facebook has a growing database of over three million, and various groups focused on email advertisement can be found quite easily. Although there are dangers of purchasing on this platform, keen observation, and thorough investigation before purchasing can limit the risks of being scammed in these dealings. As the biggest social media platform, it has even involved itself in networking and providing services for various businesses.

* Solo Ad Websites – Email advertisement is a business, and some successful platforms in the market establish an online presence where people can buy solo advertisements straight from the website. These websites work without any middle man or intermediate and negotiate directly with the clients. Provider websites such as Google or Edge can give an extensive list of solo ad platforms, just investigate the site’s validity before purchasing their offers and services to avoid risks or low-quality traffic. Seventeen thousand solo ad websites can be filtered on Google alone.

* Warriorforum – Considered as one of the greatest marketing forums in the present times, this forum has a marketing ad section where transactions can take place. Solo ad sellers also use their platform when establishing their brand, and you can find email advertisements and traffic for an affordable price.

To ensure that the market caters to legit sellers of solo advertisements and to be safe against fake clicks, it is best to buy from a platform that has a high record of testimonials and reviews. Steer clear of sellers who obtain contacts through questionable means, such as those using scraping software and those who violate people’s privacy rights.

We only recommend high quality solo ad providers to buy from who are proven to deliver.

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