Advantages of KnownHost Hosting Service

Advantages of Knownhost Hosting Service

5 Ways KnownHost can Improve Your Online Marketing


In the world of online marketing, reliable web hosting is an important factor for success. Without it, your website will be left with weak security, poor load time, and an overall sluggish user experience. When you ask around and do your research, you will find one hosting service that keeps popping up, KnownHost.

This popular hosting provider receives a lot of praise from the internet. Many even consider it to be one of the best hosting services out there. And truth be told, it deserves the glory. Why? Let’s find out.

What is KnownHost?

Founded back in 2006, KnownHost is a proficient tech company situated in West Chester, United States. In a very competitive industry, they remain prominent by building up a good reputation to expand their user base.

The company provides top-notch web hosting and domain services. KnownHost offers features that will give peace of mind to any business that highly depends on its website for good profits.

Advantages of KnownHost Hosting Service

1) Quality Performance

To ensure stable connection speed, ample storage capacity, and high availability, KnownHost only supplies high-performance virtual private server (VPS) and dedicated server hosting. A quality website will need a high uptime, which is also granted by KnownHost. The service promises a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

2) Beginner Friendly

If you did not understand several words in the first item of this list, don’t worry. All the technical stuff will be managed for you. Only fully managed hosting options are available through the service, meaning that you don’t need to understand every web hosting terminology to work with KnownHost.

3) Excellent Backups

Data is essential to the growth of businesses. That’s why you should safeguard them with backups. With KnownHost, you don’t just get typical backups. You get advanced ones. This enables you to make use of free and unique features, such as restoring a previous version of a website just by contacting support.

4) Durable Security

Because of its sturdy infrastructure, KnownHost lets its users enjoy robust security for their sites. This is especially crucial, considering that hosting servers nowadays are prone to a whole slew of malware attacks. KnownHost’s DDoS protection is built to shut off entirely these kinds of malicious activities on a website.

5) Ideal for Ecommerce

The plans available on KnownHost have features that will go well with eCommerce apps. A PHP memory limit of 256MB applies to all shared hosting plans. Also, all plans have a free IPv6 address. This is a notable factor to include if you want to do your online marketing via email campaigns.

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